Alone, needing an inner critic coach


  • Introduction

    Hey, I’m Jenn. I’m a Lifestyle Architect and general lover of life. I’m passionate about supporting people on their ongoing journey to being their best selves so they can create the life they truly want and thrive in this world. When we thrive in the world, we allow others to thrive around us and with […]

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  • The importance of…

    When we create a pace and allow time in our lives for simply feeling and being with our thoughts, we can invite ourselves to have awareness about the many facets of our lives and consider them and our connection to them. Within this space, we have an opportunity to learn things about ourselves. If we […]

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  • Inner critic

    Let’s talk about your inner critic and ways you can tame it for success, peace and alignment. What is an inner critic? An inner critic is the negative monologue in our heads. You may not recognize it right away, but it is ready to talk us out of what we want. It’s negatively influences our […]

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