Whether you take part in my signature programs or my affiliate programs, you will be guided towards a path of lasting change and transformation.

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Looking for transformational change that sticks? The magic starts here. Set a solid foundation for success by doing the inner work to change your story and your life.

Goals with Soul

Want to use the power of words to manifest change? Learn how to write Goals with Soul using Architect Language: Solid talk, Affirmations & Reflections. Goals With Soul will guide you along the path towards your best self.


Learn how your unchecked inner critic keeps you stuck, struggling to move forward and from accomplishing your goals.

Build Your Inner Coach

Let’s work together so you’re ready to focus your mind and narrative on the things that make you a winner and learn how to celebrate your wins! Build Your Inner Winner in 4 steps.

Grace and Grit

An 8-week virtual retreat with the Grace & Grit team, that will put you on the pathway to crafting an updated, luminous life that feeds and nourishes your soul.

Special Forces Experience for Men

A series of programs and courses specially designed for men seeking the ultimate challenge in pursuit of mind and body self-mastery. Redefine the portrait of success with the programs offered by The Special Forces Experience.