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Life Coach For Men

I’m a certified men’s life coach for men who are ready to make lasting changes in their lives. Work with me to become a better man, father, professional, partner, everyday leader – one step at a time.

Certifications and Accreditations

Why Choose a Life Coach For Men?

Life coaching helps you unlock more of your potential through your own unique awakening process with the support & encouragement of a trained & experienced professional. This process allows you to grow into more of who you are seeking to be & enrich your human experience. Life coaching is about guiding, inspiring and witnessing you as you create clear goals that align with your authentic self. Life coaches create a safe space to share your thoughts & feelings while being able to hold space for the safe exploration of possibilities, options and healing patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you or keep you stuck.

Today, most of us are struggling to strike meaningful harmony and success between the various demands of our lives. It’s not just work-life anymore, it’s also about other additional aspects like our aspirations, our ‘personal me time’, relationships and connection.

5-Star Rated on Google

Seb E
Seb E
13:10 20 May 22
It's been an honor to have Jennifer coach me, she's exceptionally patient, kind and wise. Since working with Jenn I've learned that the answers I seek are within and how to find them, how to feel for them. I've also been able to release the grip of vices that were holding me back through her unique ways of guidance. She offers a ton of value in our conversations and through her courses like language tech and story work.What I've gained from working with you will stay with me for a lifetime, thank you for helping me level up 🙏.
Chad Kirkham
Chad Kirkham
18:12 18 May 22
Jennifer is a true master of her craft. Not only does she care deeply about her clients and what they need but she also has a magical way of helping them realize the way through their barriers.Whether this is using story work to reframe your experiences, talking about the science behind why optimism/self talk helps you accomplish your goals, or simply just having her unique viewpoints to help navigate a troubling time Jennifer is the woman to help you take ownership and mastery over your life.I know without her my life would be significantly worse and I would not be as far down the path of realizing and becoming the man I am ment to be.Thank you for everything Jen ❤️
Jeff Depatie
Jeff Depatie
23:34 13 May 22
I've worked both side by side with Jennifer and as a client.With a wide range of capabilities far outside the range of traditional growth and expansion. She uses a truly holistic approach to wellbeing and optimization that will take you deep within and moreover how you interact with your environment the often overlooked aspect of behaviour.Carl Rodgers said that unconditional positive regard provides the best possible conditions for growth."People don't need help they need Love"-Richard RuddJennifer is rare in that she can create the proper container for growth.
The ancient viking symbol called Dagaz

Begin a transformation process designed with you, for you.

Dragonflies are totem animals, they are used in 1428's mens life coach services to symbolize the wisdom of transformation

I deliver the science and tools to help you build the life you want.

This is the ancient Viking Hagaz symbol. It is used in Jenn's life coaching services to symbolize divine interaction.

Stop seeking external validation. Find greater meaning in your life.

Learn to Thrive

I am an expert at helping men reach more of their potential. My unique combination of 20 years of training, experience & perspective helps men find deeper and more meaningful goals and direction for more satisfying experiences. I can help you overcome your inner critic and self-limiting beliefs with a variety of easy-to-implement language & communication techniques. Your life can be more meaningful. With my dynamic and individualized life coaching sessions, we can optimize your human experience.

Men's life coach, Jenn Mcmaster

Certified Men’s Life Coach

I am a Registered Kinesiologist (12547), Health & Behaviour Change Specialist and Certified Storywork Coach that offers online life coaching services. I have an MA in Health Promotion, and I am the Chief of Health and Wellness for the Special Forces Experience. Learn more about me and 1428 Transformations on our about page.

One-On-One Life Coaching For Men

Every man is different. Everyone is starting in a different place. Find out how personalized one-on-one coaching designed for men and is tailored to your starting point and your end goals. As a men’s life coach, I can support you through your evolution by customizing strategies for your unique barriers, negative self talk and history of limiting beliefs & experiences. I can help you identify and deal with impostor syndrome in your personal & professional life.

How Much Does Cost?

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

8 Sessions | 8-16 Weeks | $1,600 + HST


  • 30-minute free discovery call to orient yourself with my services
  • 8 x 60-minute sessions with Jenn (phone/Zoom)
  • Grounding Practice with Lifestyle inventory
  • Planning/ Mapping with Needs assessment
  • Goal setting with Language Technologies to onboard Reticular Activating System 
  • Practices to Silence your inner critic
  • Practices to Reframe your perspective
  • Methodologies to Rewrite your stories and process new experiences to maximize growth and understanding
  • 3 Core Language Upgrades
  • Customized action plan

The Value Of Our Men’s Life Coaching Sessions

“Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.”

– Stoic quote

This is an investment in yourself. You should know that the man you’re about to become has the potential to be happier, a more engaged parent, a more connected partner, and more fulfilled. Together we can use these sessions to eliminate negative self-talk and to generate more inner validation to create satisfaction in the areas of your life that are important to you – whether that’s in your relationships, your earning potential, your connection with your children or your general outlook on life. I believe men’s life coach session costs are a small price to pay to become the man you know you are meant to be – and cultivate a healthy relationship with a life coach who can help you throughout your journey in life. Call to book your free discovery session and we can co create your blueprint to transition from survival mode to thriving. 

Insurance & Benefits

It may be possible to get your costs reduced or paid for by your insurance and benefits provider. I can help you work with your provider to get as much of these services covered as much as possible.

How Do I Get Started?

Let’s talk. Book a 30-minute free phone call that could change your life.


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