Certified men's life coach, Jenn McMaster

About 1428 Transformations

Jenn McMaster

Holistic Behaviour & Organizational Change Management

Certified Storywork Coach
Registered Kinesiologist 12547
MA Health Promotion
Language and Communications Specialist
Chief of Health & Wellness Special Forces Experience

About Me

Ahhh, the million-dollar question: Who am I? Perhaps you’ve been pondering that yourself ????

I’m a public healthcare provider turned Lifestyle Architect. My education, formal training and professional experience in Kinesiology, Health Promotion, Organizational Change Management and Public Health, combined with my deep-seated desire for inner soul work and certification in Storywork, creates the crossroads where Science Meets Soul.

I went from living a life others wanted me to live and giving away my power, to harnessing my values and desires in a way that allowed me to live a more authentic, meaningful, fulfilling and magical life.

My passion is to help YOU do the same, by changing your limiting inner story that’s keeping you & you organization stuck.

My coaching and affiliate programs include: Change Your Story ~ Change Your Life, Goals With Soul, Build Your Inner Winner, Storywork, Grace and Grit and Special Forces Experience for Men. As well as custom training & consulting for your organization, team or community. All of these programs are designed to help you:

  • Live a more enriching and fulfilling life
  • Adapt gracefully to all of life’s experiences
  • Develop meaningful connections to those around you
  • Optimize so you can thrive at work & play

Your future success should not be defined by your past or limited by your beliefs.

When you’re ready to create a life that aligns with your authentic self, I will guide you towards the answer to that million-dollar question ????

“Before meeting with Jenn, I felt like nothing was ever going to get better. After our Storywork session – I can’t stop thinking about the person I am becoming and loving every second!”

Jillian Loval