An exploration of strength, courage, mastery, and honour.

Finding Honour Podcast features conversations between men’s work facilitator and lifestyle architect, Jennifer McMaster, and world class guests with expertise in EQ, communication, philosophy, psychology, lifestyle/business development, and becoming more robust humans.

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If you’re enjoying the podcast, you may be interested in learning how to identify and disarm your inner critic with the latest language technologies.

An inner critic is the negative monologue in your head. You may not recognize it right away, but it is ready to talk you out of what you want. It negatively influnences your emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

“For years I’ve been repeating the same mistakes and never fully achieving my goals because they were based on someone else’s terms. Now that I understand my past pitfalls and have guidance on customized goal-setting, I’m crushing the things I’ve tried to accomplish in the past!”

-Lauren, business owner & mother of two.

How To Tame Your Inner Critic

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