Hey, I’m Jenn. I’m a Lifestyle Architect and general lover of life. I’m passionate about supporting people on their ongoing journey to being their best selves so they can create the life they truly want and thrive in this world. When we thrive in the world, we allow others to thrive around us and with us, which raises us all up together. I do this by blending modern kinesiology, Health Promotion & behaviour change tools and methodologies with Language & Communication
technologies. Three key aspects for thriving in this world and living a whole-hearted life are; alignment, peace and success.

I define alignment as coming into and acting from wholeness. Knowing what you truly value and embodying it shapes your inner and external world. You’ll have a sense of wholeness because you are not separate in the different facets of your life. For example, how you show up personally and professionally are true to your core values and your authentic self. Put another way, you won’t be a fragmented version of yourself; showing up differently at work, home and in the community. It is exhausting censoring ourselves and feeling as though we aren’t able to be our true selves in the world. Being fulfilled in one aspect and not in another is unfulfilling and contributes to an inability to find gratitude and meaning.

I define peace as a state of inner calm that comes from being confident in your actions, behaviours and expressing yourself. The further you get from your truth and creating from that place of authenticity, the more you’ll likely feel anxiety, frustration and disappointment with yourself, others and life more broadly.

Success is the art of setting goals you want and will accomplish. You’ll know you want to accomplish something that is right for you when you define your purpose and pursue goals that align with your purpose. From this space your wins will feel more authentic and fulfilling and will contribute to a life you feel good about.